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DAX didn’t short squeeze and technically speaking it’s the only top 5 index which is acting accordingly.

With major positive channel breaking a month ago and the flat period begun when the US market started falling, only postpones the inevitable.

Position is a SHORT.
Entry rate at 13,074$
Position form CFD contract 1 lot = 100 units
Position size 10 lots
Value 13,074*10*100=13,074,000$
Position leverage 1:100
Margin requirement 1% from position value, plus 3% free margin to hold it.
13,074,000$*1% = 130,074$ margin in
13,074,000$*3% = 392,220$ free margin
Target price 11,400$
Spread is 1674$
 Stop out 13,450$
Est profit 1674$*10*100=1,674,000$
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