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Without a doubt 2020 has been a weird year all around trading & life-wise in both this year struck us and took away common logic and placed us in perspective, but, the market has ignored completely the economic reality and most importantly the outlook of 2020 and 2021 that this virus is here to stay and as much as we want to fight and adapt to reality it has its effect on the economy, current status and future outlook

Growth for markets has no gas to push up, a slowdown is even worse than a flash crash as its a slow death and causes investors to liquidate all and sit on the fence until situation is resolved and volume comes back in to trading. The only thing which is holding the market now from bringing in a 30% flash crash is the incoming elections.

But 10,200$ in NASDAQ is still a go and will come in fast.
Position is SHORT on Nasdaq futures.
CFD contract each lot = 100 units
Entry rate 12,284$
Position size 10 lots = 1000 units i.e 12,284,000 $ position value
Target line 10,200$
Profit 640,000$
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