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One month to the weirdest holiday shopping season ever and one doesn’t need to be a genius to figure out offline sales will take a hit over the Covid-19 restrictions.

Shopping malls and offline stores have a limited number of shoppers that are allowed in at any given moment. We believe, regardless to the restrictions, that shoppers will rather do their shopping online and stay in a safe environment of their homes.
Position is a LONG.
Entry rate 3174$.
CFD contract (1 lot = 100 shares).
Position size 10 lots = 1000 shares.
Position value 3174$ *1000 = 3,174,000$.
LVG 20.
Margin recruitment is 5% from position value i.e 158,000$.
Free margin of 63,480$ to hold 2% negative movement.
Position stop out price 3110$.
Position T.P at 3300$
Spread of 190$
EST Profit calculation 190$*1000 = 190,000$
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